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Power your electrical infrastructure
with AI & IoT

Why PowerGo?

Turning Energy Data
Into Actionable Insight



PowerGo’s innovative solutions were born in the Sino-French Smart Grid Research Center(SFSGC) after several years of research in IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Automation and Control. Our ambition is to help customers with their Digitalization Transformation with Reliable, Affordable, Future-proof IoT sensors and revolutionize the processing of data for critical, highly complex industries like utilities or process facilities.

At the heart of our innovation is our reliable PoweGo sensors, PowerPI Edge computer and advanced time-series algorithms EnerSense analytics platforms. These innovations allow us to bring to market solutions that are quick to adapt to your specific equipment context.

Value Proposition

Our Mission

Towards a future Digital Industry with zero Downtime and High Energy Efficiency!

With our powerful non intrusive PowerGo IoT sensors and mature AI Predictive Maintenance & Energy Monitoring models, we will maximize the equipment availability and optimize OPEX costs. 

Why choose PowerGo?

Strong expertise in IIoT devices and Artificial Intelligence born at the Sino-french smart grid research center (SFSGC)


Unique "Plug & Forget" technology to save installation costs

  • Non-invasive & Plug and Forget method;

  • Tiny and wireless;

  • Self-powerd and no service required; 

  • Continuously enhance the model’s performance with feedback from production data


Immediate reduction in maintenance costs

  • From 30% to 50% depending on your current processes.


Immediate gain on equipment uptime

  • Up to 100% (based on a real dataset)

Immediate improve Low voltage network management level

  • Low Voltage topology online discovery;

  • Identify technical losses and non-technical losses;

  • Non Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring: Energy consumption & profile;

What's our Answer?

PowerGo Innovative Unique Technology

1- Innovative Micro Energy Generation Harvesting&Storage Technology 

The surrounding AC electromagnetic field produced by current through circuit generates induced voltage when it passes through a coil (Faraday’s law). The induced voltage is amplified by means of a ferromagnetic core.​  Energy is stored by super-capacitors, and with our native technology, is powering wireless autonomous sensor to get accurate measurement from low voltage network.

< 1 A

Self-Powered Start Current

Energy Harvesting.png

60 min

Powered Time capacity



Tel. 123-456-7890

Fax. 123-456-7890

500 Terry Francois Street, 
San Francisco, CA 94158

2 -Innovative Wireless Synchronization Network Measurement Technology 

Real Time Measurement


Using innovative low-voltage wireless synchronous measurement technology in the low-voltage  distribution network, each IIoT gateway collects a voltage signal from the bus through the concentrator, and each circuit passes the IIoT sensor for current signal acquisition. The wireless measurement synchronous network sends voltage signal and synchronization signals to each circuit IIoT sensor and performs power&energy calculations on the outgoing IIoT sensors.


3 -Innovative Machine Learning analytics algorithms Technology 

Generic AI models based on Powego innovative technologie's  Machine Learning algorithms from PowerGo IIoT measurement system's onsite data. called EnerSense analytics platform with two key innovative models:

1- Predictive Maintenance Models for Abnormal detection or aging prediction.  Advanced pattern recognition for condition monitoring and Early warning detection;

2- Energy Monitoring Models for non Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring: Disaggregation of energy consumption to derive individual equipment consumption, technology Losses and Low voltage network topology etc.


Software HMI1.png
About us

About  us


About  us

PowerGo is the pioneer solutions provider for Low Voltage network AIoT power meters and analytics  systems. Founded in 2019, the company was solely focused on solving grid operators power outage and equipment malfunctions by providing a simple yet universal and evolutive solution for Low-Voltage installations monitoring, failure localization and fault prediction.

With over 150 installations and more than million hours of operation PowerGo’s series of products are the most widely adopted non-invasive and wireless monitoring solution in the world in the MLV Transformer substations.

Our team has a proven track record of innovation and process digitalization in the field of electrical substation. Our vision is to deliver scalable AIOT solutions that meet today and future Low voltage substation digitization requirements.

PowerGo Low voltage solutions are now used in utilities and is expanding its footprints in the industrial critical infrastructures as it tackles unsolved and complex issues.  

Our Team

Contact Us



Tel. +86-10-8443 9885

Beijing Office:

No 15,WanQuanZhuang Road, 
HaiDian District, Beijing,China

EPFL Office:

EPFL Innovation Park Bâtiment C
CH-1015 Lausanne,Switzerland



Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:30





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