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China's First Ubiquitous Electricity IoT "Multi-Station Fusion" MV Substation Opens in Xiamen

Updated: Nov 29, 2019


Recently, the Xiamen Tianhu Switching Station in Xiamen transformed into a gorgeous one. The first “multi-station fusion” distribution station building project in China that added 5G base stations and edge computing stations to the switch station was completed, enabling Tianhu Switch Station to integrate grid switch stations with 5G base stations and edge computing stations, not only with traditional power distribution The power supply function of the station building also realizes the surrounding 5G network coverage, and can provide technical services such as edge computing and the Internet of Things.

This project was jointly created by Fujian Xiamen Power Supply Company, State Grid Information and Communication Industry Group Co., Ltd., Xiamen Information Group and Xiamen Mobile, making full use of the surplus space in power distribution to create an important foundation for the ubiquitous power IoT of power distribution + 5G + edge computing nodes Facilities can be applied in business scenarios such as high-definition video, content distribution networks, cloud games, and video surveillance.

The video image preprocessing service based on edge computing provided by this station will improve the speed and efficiency of video analysis, play an important role in urban security, traffic travel, emergency management, etc., and improve the efficiency of urban security early warning and governance.

The Industrial Internet of Things will also benefit from the Tianhu Switch Station. Edge computing nodes will meet their digital, networked and intelligent needs, and provide comprehensive services such as industrial visualization analysis, Internet of Things data analysis, intelligent manufacturing online diagnostics and expert services.

In addition, the power network's power consumption information collection, power distribution automation, and robot inspections can also be supported by 5G technology, enabling the effective application of the Internet of Things technology in the power distribution network, and improving the level of refined management and intelligent decision-making in operation and maintenance.

In July, Xiamen Power Supply Company, State Grid Telecommunications Industry Group, Xiamen Information Group and Xiamen Telecom, Mobile, and Unicom respectively signed strategic cooperation agreements to jointly promote the harmonious development of the ubiquitous electric power Internet of Things and digital cities, through complementary advantages and resource sharing , Reduce the construction cost of the city's 5G infrastructure and data service infrastructure, and enable the ubiquitous electric power Internet of Things collection, transmission, and calculation services.

Tianhu Switching Station is the first attempt. Next, this cooperation model will also be quickly replicated in Xiamen's ubiquitous power IoT, 5G industry, and digital industry advancement, so as to upgrade the city's information and communication infrastructure faster and better, and provide citizens with better digital quality Service to accelerate the construction of Xiamen Smart City.

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